Many Easter traditions will be put to the side this year. There are no other details that require to be disclosed in respect of this appointment pursuant to Rule 9.6.13 of the UK Listing Rules. Maybe one of the secrets to handling the stresses inherent in today’s crises is to seek pleasure in simple joyful activities, like chasing a butterfly. — Mike Scarcella (@MikeScarcella) January 7, 2021. The spider somehow sensed my presence and ran towards some vegetation at the edge of the water. 10 Comments ». I like the way the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website describes these birds, “The nasal, wheezy, rambling song and insistent, squeaky calls are great first clues to finding them, particularly as these tiny birds can get lost in the generally taller habitats used in the eastern part of their range.” If you are interested in hearing samples of the different calls and songs of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, click this link to another part of the same website. Why would they be messing with spider webs? Thanks. I spotted the female Eastern Forktail damselfly (Ischnura verticalis) in the first image as she perched on a log in a mini-wetland area adjacent to a small pond. Mike succeeds Andrew King who was appointed as Mondi’s Group Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) in April 2020. Christ is risen” to all we meet and the equally joyful response of “The Lord is risen indeed. © Michael Q. Powell. He was subsequently appointed Group Finance Director at BBA Aviation plc before taking up his current role as Group Chief Financial Officer at Ferguson plc. I never knew that ladybugs have two tiny toes. 23 Comments ». Here are a few images that I captured on Thursday of iris buds of different shapes and colors, a preview of coming attractions. Several sources on-line note that the Asian ladybug has a white marking behind its head in the openings of what looks like a black M, as you can see on the ladybug in my photo. So here we are. Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007. According to an article entitled “A Pollinator With a Bad Reputation” by Beatriz Moisset, “The reason why it diligently hovers over bare ground early in the spring is that it is looking for bee nests, probably the same ones with which they compete for nectar. TIRED OF THE ADS? I believe that this is an Eastern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans crepitans), but was a little confused when I saw repeated references to a Northern Cricket Frog. All Lists ... Twitter banned prominent pro-Trump figures Sidney Powell, Mike … I featured some tiny white forest wildflowers in a recent posting. Posted in abstract, Art, Flowers, Nature, Photography, tagged Alexandria VA, Canon 50D, Cindy Dyer, Tamron 180mm, tulip on April 12, 2020| Posted in Flowers, Gardening, Nature, Photography, spring, Uncategorized, tagged Alexandria VA, Bearded Iris, Canon 50D, Canon 60mm, Cindy Dyer, dwarf bearded iris, iris, Love Bites, Runnymeade, Tamron 180mm on April 30, 2020| Unlike many parks in our area, OBNWR remains open and it has become my place of refuge. I looked for Uhler’s Sundragons there but came up empty-handed. What I found on Friday morning, though, was that I felt totally free and uninhibited when I was chasing after this Zebra Swallowtail butterfly (Protographium marcellus). 10 Comments ». 21 Comments ». December 27, 2020 / Mike Powell. This image speaks of spring to me. In an unhinged, late night Oval Office meeting, Trump, Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn and others talk about absurdities like appointing Powell as “Special Counsel” to investigate election fraud and using the military to “re-run” the election in the states Trump lost. That was the case with this Eastern Ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis) last week that I spotted while I was exploring in Prince William County, Virginia. Fairness and diversity in the workplace, 6. In my zeal to post photos of all of the ephemeral wildflowers I had seen this spring, like the Virginia Spring Beauties in this photo, I had forgotten about this bee fly. 10 Comments ». So what do we do? Many of the locations where I might normally search for dragonflies are closed and some of the others are potentially crowded, do I am not willing to go there. The second image gives you an idea of the amount of leaves now on the trees, which makes it difficult to spot birds, especially the smaller ones. However, for shooting subjects like flowers, I found it difficult to frame the images because I was shooting from so far away. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, there are over six thousand hover fly species worldwide. Logically it seems odd that east would be a subset of north, but that seems to be the case here. Great Matchups — Carl Lewis vs. Mike Powell, Tokyo ’91 October 15, 2020 by T&FN IN THIS, THE THIRD in our series of Great Matchups as presented in the pages of T&FN , we move from the track to the field for one of the most iconic duels in our sport’s history. The effective date of Mike’s appointment will be announced in due course. Sidney Powell just put Mike Pence in the hot seat with her latest statements on the upcoming 2020 election face-off in Congress. According to the Dragonflies of Northern Virginia website, Common Baskettails are hard to spot because they are small with mostly clear wings and spend much of their time hovering high over clearings, making them “probably our least seen “common” dragonfly.”, Posted in Flowers, Inspiration, Music, Photography, tagged Alexandria VA, beauty, Canon 50D, Le Petit Prince, Tamron 180mm, tulips on April 9, 2020| Group office Vienna, Current graduate and internship vacancies, Mike Powell to be appointed Mondi Group Chief Financial Officer, Global R&D Centre for Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials. Thanks, Steve. Yesterday, I was thrilled to capture this image of a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata) at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. While discussing Vice President Mike Pence, Sidney Powell said: “I don’t see how any good Christian can certify a fraudulent election.” Powell also went […] Alas, it will be months before peaches will be in season and the canned cling peaches that I remember from my childhood can’t compare to the fresh ones. Posted in Birds, Nature, Photography, spring, wildlife, tagged Ardea herodias, Canon 50D, Great Blue Heron, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Tamron 150-600mm, Woodbridge VA on April 29, 2020| I recommend that you click on this image to see all of the amazing details of this fascinating insect, the Greater Bee Fly. The bodies of long-jawed orb weaver spiders of the Tetragnathidae family tend to be thin and they have extremely long legs of varying lengths. Posted in Easter, Flowers, Nature, Photography, tagged Alexandria VA, Canon 50D, Easter, Easter 2020, flower, simplicity, Tamron 180mm on April 12, 2020| 12 Comments ». This can be a frustrating time of the year for me, because the arrival of these colorful migrating birds coincides with the re-leafing of the trees. I have a slight preference for the overall feel of the first shot, but love the raindrops in the second shot—I think the pair of images work well together in tandem. Powell also encouraged all churches to open on Sunday and to pray for our country. 17 Comments ». 12 Comments ». Within the interview Sidney Powell discusses the construct of rigging the 2020 elections, the Trump legal battles, the scale of election fraud, and more! Posted in Dragonflies, dragonfly, Insects, Nature, Photography, spring, wildlife, tagged Canon 50D, Common Baskettail, Common Baskettail dragonfly, Epitheca cynosura, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Tamron 180mm, Tamron 180mm macro, Woodbridge VA on April 10, 2020| “Kleptoparasitic bees are so named because they enter the nests of a host and lay eggs there, stealing resources that the host has already collected.” Nomad bees do sip nectar like other bees, as you can see in my photos, but do not collect pollen to feed their offspring. Unlike bees, bee flies have only two wings instead of four, large eyes, skinny long legs and very short antennae. Solutions that create value for our customers, Current vacancies incl. “We are delighted that Mike will be joining the Mondi team. Constrained resources and environmental impacts, 8. She was an only child to a single mom; she didn’t have the easy life of most of my guests. Mike was born on August 8, 1940 in Burke County to the late Joel Lewis Powell and Iva Edna Michaels Powell. Most of the iris buds are on stems several feet high, but this blossom is only a few inches off of the ground—perhaps that is why it was an early bloomer. Are you confused yet? Fortunately the white coloration of the bald eagles and ospreys and their large size makes it hard for them to hide completely. That tendency, I learned, was both a blessing and a curse. Thirty-Seven Best Mike Powell Podcasts For 2020. Strangely, though, gnats do not form a significant part of their diet. Does the pressure of confinement/isolation/social distancing weigh you down? Like so many of the wonderfully colorful flowers that I have featured recently, this beauty is from the garden of my neighbor and photography mentor Cindy Dyer. It has been almost a month or so since my last visit, so I was not sure which birds would be active. My hope and prayer for all today, whether you celebrate Easter or not, is that you can put aside at least some of your incessant worries and seek to find joy in whatever way you can. Listen online, no signup necessary. 10 Comments ». schránka; Aktivovat Premium za 1 Kč . 11 Comments ». Eventually I found and photographed some Uhler’s Sanddragons and he and I were able to spot them again several times. Lists. Clara ValeraMondi Group Head of Strategy and Investor Relations+44 193 282 6357, Kerry Crandon CooperMondi Group Head of External Communication+44 193 282 6323, Richard Mountain (FTI Consulting)+44 790 968 4466. As you can see from my recent postings, I am staying really close to home most of the time, with trips like this one to remote locations being a rare exception. Mike’s appointment follows a thorough recruitment process involving internal and external candidates. The fly larva finds its way to the chamber where the mother bee has laid the provisions and the egg and proceeds to feed on the stored pollen. During an interview with Flashpoint, on the subject of Vice President Mike Pence, Powell said: Our business is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain - from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. All rights reserved. Even when they are a bit closer, the eyes are often hidden by shadows. 24 Comments ». Find event and ticket information. Posted in Insects, Macro Photography, Nature, Photography, spring, wildlife, tagged Bombylius major, Canon 50D, Greater Bee Fly, Prince William County VA, Spring Beauty, Tamron 180mm on April 28, 2020| I wonder if breeding season is begining. This beautiful dwarf bearded iris was almost hidden by the weeds and the undergrowth when I first discovered it early in April. Consultant and Success Coach Mike Powell will lead you in an afternoon of goal setting, vision mapping, and networking that will empower you to step into your PURPOSE in 2020. 20 Comments ». Fishing spiders sit at the edge of the water with some of their long legs fully extended. subscribe to Wayne Gerald for more critical updates Posted in Art, Flowers, Gardening, Nature, Photography, tagged Alexandria VA, anticipation, Bearded Iris, Canon 50D, Canon 60mm macro, Cindy Dyer, iris, iris bud, patience, Runnymeade on April 26, 2020| 23 Comments ». I looked through a lot of photos on-line, though, and think that I have identified it as a variety called “Love Bites.” Stout Gardens at Dancingtree described its characteristics in these words, “Rosy red standards over rich, dark carmine red falls with lavender beards” and added “Velvety carmine red falls with big lavender beards make this one a standout.”, I am curious about the name of the iris, because in my mind it can be interpreted in at least two different ways. How could I possibly identify this species? Most of the times in the past when I have seen members of this species, they have been flying out of reach of my camera. Last Friday I spotted several nests that had grown considerably in size and the ospreys in the nests appeared to be sitting on their eggs. Yes, Easter will be celebrated differently this year, but for many of us there will be even greater beauty and meaning in our more simple celebrations. So Friday I scoured the locations where had spotted them last year and it was in one such location that I spotted the Ashy Clubtail and Common Green Darner that I featured recently in my posting First dragonflies of the season. Mike Powell to step down as Ferguson chief financial officer ... Ferguson announces that Mike Powell, Group Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), has resigned in order to take up a role as Group CFO of Mondi plc. 4:42. I was therefore thrilled to photograph this male Common Baskettail dragonfly (Epitheca cynosura) on Monday as it was hanging vertically from the leaves of a small tree at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. 20 Comments ». I was therefore quite thrilled to capture this image last Friday of a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. I recall some words from a sermon that I heard on Good Friday—the priest cited the opening line of a prayer by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “Above all, trust in the slow work of God.” It will take time for things to return to any sense of normalcy, but we should never give up hope. When they are mating, many dragonflies adopt a very conspicuous heart-shaped “wheel” position, like this pair of Common Green Darner dragonflies (Anax junius) that I spotted last week at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Bring in the new year PREPARED with a PLAN to manifest the dreams, visions, and goals for your future. Posted in Arachnids, Macro Photography, Nature, Photography, spiders, spring, wildlife, tagged Canon 50D, family Tetragnathidae, Fort Belvoir VA, Jackson Miles Abbott Wetland Refuge, Long-jawed Orb Weaver spider, long-jawed spider, Tamron 180mm on April 10, 2020| Carthage native Mike Powell is one of seven members of the Class of 2020 for the North Country Sports Hall of Fame, which was announced Tuesday night. TRUTH LIVES on at At a time when most of the world news is full of doom and despair, today is a joyful reminder that God loves us and will have the final victory. Uhler’s Sundragons are a scarce and seldom seen dragonfly species with a brief and early flight period. UPDATE:  Steve Gingold has identified the first flower as Bloodroot and the third one as Wood Anemone. Assuming that Powell is right that the December 8 “safe harbor” deadline is moot — that it doesn’t apply to fraud cases — Sidney Powell and Trump’s campaign lawyers have nine … 24 Comments ». Mondi plc (LON:MNDI) today announced that Mike Powell will be appointed as Group Chief Financial Officer and as an executive director of Mondi plc. Michael Lee Powell “Mike”, 80, passed away Wednesday, December 23, 2020 after a short illness. I could tell that they were hover flies, because of the way they acted, or perhaps you know them as flower flies, because of where they can be found most often. Mike Powell net worth Sep, 2020 Michael "Mike" Anthony Powell (born November 10, 1963) is an American former track and field athlete, and the holder of the long jump world record. Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn stand up to Trump’s treacherous White House lawyers during four hour meeting As previously reported by Law&Crime, Gohmert’s effort, aided by former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell, was widely expected to fail in the high court just as it did at both the district and circuit court levels. How much longer must I wait? I visit the garden of my neighbor, fellow photographer Cindy Dyer, almost every day, checking to see what has changed. When I saw this insect sipping nectar from a Spring Beauty wildflower on Tuesday, I was sure that it was some kind of wasp or hornet. Some spiders, though, rely exclusively on speed to capture unsuspecting prey, like this Six-spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton) that I spotted on Monday at Jackson Miles Abbott Wetland Refuge. Maybe he would be bringing her a fresh fish or perhaps he would be spelling her a bit from her maternal duties or could it be that she simply longer for his presence. Mondi has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange (MNDI), and a secondary listing on the JSE Limited (MNP). So what was the gnatcatcher doing at ground level? He is a two-time world champion in this event and two-time Olympic silver medallist, and has a world record of 8.95m. The second shot shows a male Fragile Forktail damselfly (Ischnura posita), one of the few damselflies that I am able to identify with a relatively high degree of confidence. If you click on this image, you can get a better look at the marvelous details of this male Eastern-Tailed Blue, including the tiny “tails” and the little orange chevrons at the bottom of the hind wings. I love the though of someone hand drawing the delicately etched pattern with pen and ink, creating a miniature work of art. This page is a place to laugh about politics without choosing sides Hello! If you double-click on the image, you can see the dragonfly’s tiny feet with which it is clinging to the leaf. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 5, 2020. Posted in abstract, Art, Flowers, Nature, Photography, spring, tagged Canon 50D, ferns, fiddlehead, Prince William County VA, spiral, Tamron 180mm on April 17, 2020| He went on to become Chief Financial Officer at Nippon Sheet Glass and then AZ Electronic Materials plc. You may notice that the bee fly’s wings are blurred in this— image and assume that I was shooting with a slow shutter speed. I love the beautiful curves a fiddlehead forms as it gradually unfurls into a full-fledged fern frond. Posted in Nature, Photography, Reptiles, spring, wildlife, tagged Canon 50D, Eastern Ratsnake, Pantherophis alleghaniensis, Prince William County VA, Tamron 180mm on April 14, 2020| I captured this image when one of the sitting ospreys had lifted her head to the sky, looking with hopeful expectation for her mate to return. This location is relatively remote and has few amenities, which means that it is rarely crowded—there have been times in the past when my car was the only one in the parking lot. Like 10; Comment 4; Share. 9 Comments ». I have not yet seen any large spiders this spring, but I have run across a few long-jawed spiders. Posted in Dragonflies, dragonfly, Insects, Nature, Photography, spring, wildlife, tagged Canon 50D, female Uhler's Sundragon, Helocordulia uhleri, Prince William County VA, Tamron 180mm, Uhler's Sundragon, Uhler's Sundragon dragonfly on April 8, 2020| He has significant financial and strategic experience having been chief financial officer and an executive director of a number of large international listed companies, most recently Ferguson plc. The nests are fascinating to examine. I maneuver to position myself almost directly above one perched close to the ground, waited for it to open its wings fully, and captured this shot. Mike Powell For President 2020. Yesterday I was excited to spot several tiny Eastern Tailed-Blue butterflies (Everes comyntas) during a brief visit to Jackson Miles Abbott Wetland Refuge. As I was was processing my images I noticed that there were old spider webs in most of them. Whether native or not, this ladybug in my eyes is beautiful. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So many of the creatures that I encounter blend in so well with their environments, that I detect them only when they move. He is a two-time world champion in this event and two-time Olympic silver medallist. Part of my long walk back took me along another stretch of the same stream and I was absolutely thrilled when I spotted yet another Uhler’s Sundragon and captured my favorite shot of the day, the first one below. On males of this species (and most females too), the shoulder stripe is interrupted and looks like an exclamation point. All written content and photographs on this blog are the property of Michael Q. Powell. Mike Hattrup is another living legend. I guess I can add nomad bees to the list of deliberately delinquent parents.